punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Questions for you to ponder...

While mulling over writing I am not doing, I wondered this, and I would like your response to it.

Suppose you have a character, Joe, who had a bully back in grammar school. The bully was mean, cruel, and tormented Joe, but didn't really single Joe out. But Joe thought he did. Joe and the bully went their separate ways eventually, and grew up apart. All his life, Joe has remembered the bully, even if only once in a while. The bully grew out of his habit in college, and currently has a decent life in some respectable job. One day, Joe loses it all, and through a plot vehicle I won't sidetrack you with, Joe becomes psychotic and gains psychic powers. Suddenly, the bully's life begins to suffer as Joe subconsciously punishes the bully for past sins which are not only 20-30 years old, but the bully did them back when he was like 8-11. The story takes place as the bully's life suffers, as he loses his life to things that cannot be explained. Because he has worked through his anger, and buried his past, the bully has no idea or even memory of Joe.

Would you sympathize with Joe, the bully, or neither?

Second, how would you speculate the coincidence of TWO former psychology majors on my LJ friends list now in the tech field? Do you think the madness that is the human brain drives them to seek the illusionary comfort of logical machines, or some other reason? I ask only because this sounds funny.
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