punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Punkie drum to natives. Make smoke singals to Internet.

Me in heap pain. Lot been going on this sunrise. Like Tarzan I speak in this post. Hrmm.

Punkie on electric choo-choo. Choo-choo break down on Red Line. Punkie stuck near Union Station for nearly half hour. Choo-choo make Punkie late for dentist.

Punkie get cavities filled. Much pain; howl like girl chimpanzee. Lion make fun of Punkie, call Punkie wuss. Lion now rug on floor. PETA get mad. Call Punkie "insensitive stereotype of natives and western culture." Punkie feed remains of PETA to alligators, mull irony.

Punkie get hair cut. Punkie think Ben Franklin look still not popular with French women like old days. Hairdresser not usual kind from Hair Cuttery. Him... as Jane would say, "Walk with broken wrist and snake tongue." Punkie's manhood intact, get good haircut. Jane impressed. Corrects Punkie that her name Christine, and "Who this Jane?"

Boss of Punkie gone tomorrow. Punkie coworkers, two men, also not work tomorrow. One coworker have baby. Other coworker going to funeral of best friend's mother. Punkie run hosting all by himself. Company holds head and shakes. Punkie also on call. Beeper attach to Punkie leg like beeping tick.
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