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The floor IS my wall...!

I guess it was about 15 years ago that my friend Gadams and a friend of his did a small... maybe one could call it an "art experiment" ... called, "The Floor is My Wall: Disorientation Without Chemicals!" I only got to see part of it, but the part I saw is they would put you in an empty room (a hotel function room at a sci-fi convention), and make you lie on the floor, legs pressed down so the back of your knees pressed the floor, and then you'd put your feet on the wall and scootch up so your legs remained straight, and your feet were placed flat on the wall with pressure. You would close your eyes, and they would chant stuff like, "The floor is your wall... you are standing, and your back is pressed to the carpeted wall." And so on. After a few minutes, they had you look towards your feet, and open your eyes, and damn, it was disorienting. Many people started to "lean upwards" because you had the feeling you were going to "fall forward" while "standing on the wall." After everyone balanced themselves, they then threw a whole bunch of rubber balls all around the room. It was freaky, but cool as all hell, because your brain went, "WAAAAHH!!!" at the confusing gravity signals.

Then there was this other time, probably unrelated, where some FanTek conventions were held in a hotel with two 15 story towers. One of the towers was slanted at the side, and so the fire escape staircases were 15 flight of stairs and landings that went straight down like a ramp. That was dizzying in itself, but then someone got ahold of a box of rubber balls and started tossing them down the stairs. Due to the sloping ceiling, after about 3-4 floors, the balls were ricocheting so hard from all over the stairwell, it made quite a racket. Some balls actually broke into pieces from the stress halfway down the stairs. Security put an end to this quickly, and I almost forgot about these two incidents, until I saw these photos:

Lots of balls

They were filming a commercial on a street in San Fransisco and it involved dropping 100,000 bouncy balls down a hill.
Lots of balls
Bouncy Balls

This looked AWESOME!
Bouncy Balls


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