punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Why I didn't get housework done

It's Sunday morning. A lot has happened to me since Friday.

I was alone at work on Friday. Normally, I work around about 6 other people with 2 of them in my group (Syadmins). The senior admin was out because his best friend's mother passed away, and he had to drive up to Ohio to be there for his friend. The Windows guy has been out for 2 weeks because his live-in girlfriend had their baby, and there were some complications (but everything is fine now). My boss was out for something, he wouldn't give details. The Data Center guy, who usually sits behind me, called out sick. The recently-promoted-from-NOC programmer was in the NOC because his boss can't seem to find anyone he likes to replace him, and so the programmer still has "NOC duty," and spent most of the time in the NOC, probably grumbling. One of the NOC managers was late, and the NOC shift supervisor was busy dealing with the new VoIP system with the network guy. Because everyone's away, I am on call all alone all weekend, but that hasn't been too bad. I have had a few issues that didn't "take the fix" right away, but nothing major (thank goodness).

The kittens were at adoption fairs all weekend, but none got adopted out, and they will be returned to us today. Rob (our foster worker) said "these are the best batch of friendliest cats we have ever seen," and really thanked us for taking good care of them. What can I say, Bastet provides. We get them all back because it's kitten season, and there is a glut on the market for kittens this time of year, and only five . Friday takayla and CR dropped the kittens off and stayed with them. The report is that there are a lot of kittens. Peaches, who is normally sweet and loveable, apparently hissed and spit a lot at other cats and people on Friday. Great. She did better Saturday and today, though.

We are also now fostering another kitten, a black one some uncreative previous foster person decided to name "Midnight." I am changing his name probably to "Taboo" for reasons I won't get into now. But at the fair on Friday, we ended up with the black kitten, who will be with us at least another week. He's long and slinky, kind of looks kind of like a breed known as "Havana Brown", except he's very black, except for a hint of a white tuft on his belly, and has more of a wedge-shaped head. Oh, and thumbs. It's hard to explain, but some cats have rudimentary thumbs in the form of one toe that's stiff and further up the foot which allows Taboo to grasp things with much more ease than most other cats. Pandas, oddly enough, have a similar kind of "thumb." He has "multicolored" eyes (not "odd eyes") like my wife and son, but instead of the green/brown combo they have, his is orange or yellow, depending on how dilated the pupil is. His tail is really long. He's real friendly, and since he's used to being with a lot of other cats, I have kept him out and with me all weekend. The other cats are predictable towards him: Cosmo is wary, Storm hisses at him (she hisses at all the cats - Storm seems to be the antisocial Goth of our extended family), and Thisby is scared of him (she's scared of everything). Ahfu just wants to bury his face into his fur for some reason, and Widget wants to smell his butt, and they chase him if he runs away. Pervs.

One note about black cats? Hard to see in the dark. Harder when you have poor night vision. And the way he goes around my legs all the time... this may not end well.

I am also alone because Saturday morning, takayla and CR had enough of me, and finally left my sorry ass. Okay, just kidding, they went to Wild Wooly Wonderful West Virginia to be with desperate housewives. Oh, and it's Debbie's (takayla's eldest sister) birthday. I would have come, but I am on call :(. They will also be back later today. I was going to take this opportunity to get a lot of backlogged housework done, but things are slow going.

My friend stodgycat invited me to his youngest daughter's birthday party, which was rather short notice, but I was told why at the party, and they probably don't want me to repeat it, but let's just say that Scarlet got into some trouble over some rather poor social management decisions. So the party was just the Heare family, Rob and his wife Eve, two grandfathers, me, and anyarm. Scarlet is now 7. I ended up giving her a Polly Pocket Mermaid Set because I didn't have enough time to go to a proper toy store and get her something I would have considered more educational. But last year I got her a Spirograph, which she didn't use so much, so I have to be careful not to be TOO educational, you know. All day, there was some teasing in-joke about Scarlet "turning 5 again," because there was a "government mandate" that "aging goes 1-2-3-4-5-6-5 now..." I think Scarlet was REAL sick of that joke, because she was getting mad. I thought about telling people to knock it off, because kids care more about age than adults do, but I just stayed quiet. I got to spend some time with Chance, who seemed more relaxed after spending a week at Virginia beach with her grandfather. Next week she's off to Spy camp.

Later, they came by and stayed a while, which was real nice because I miss stodgycat a lot, and I think I feel a bond with him and his family that has become unique and oddly comforting. On much of my off hours, I think about how to get him a new job, possibly where I work, although I don't think he wants to work in Silver Spring (but I'll try anyway).

So I would have gotten more housework done, but I got paged a lot, went to a party, had the Heares over, took care of Taboo, and the kittens came back early. But I did get all the bills paid, several sinks of dishes done, some laundry, and took care of all the DVDs scattered about the rec room. Also, my dental work hurts. Ow.
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