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Tech - Old job, new job

Well, things just keep getting better, and not in the sarcastic gritted teeth way, either.

First, of course, I love my new job. I love my coworkers. I didn't hate my old ones, but I fit in VERY well on the nerd level with these new guys.

Comment made by coworker, seeing my Lego keychains on my backpack: "You like Legos, too?" Heh heh... if only he knew...

Some of the ex-coworkers of my old group might be getting new jobs either in the company or elsewhere. I don't want to jinx any of them, but I wish them the very best on their leads. The tech market doesn't seem so dry as I thought.

I got the new office maps. I am in a cubicle, so I'll probably get that Cubedoor 2-fer-1 sale and go halfsies with Sean. Sean has told me he's dotted off his cube with tape on the floor, like Les Nessman did in those WKRP sitcoms. "This is where my walls would go if I had a REAL office." Depending on the humor of the group, I might do this in our new place. Then ever so slightly, expand the tape outwards. Then do dotted lines of dead bodies, etc.

People still keep congratulating me.

My current office mate also likes techno.

I am going out to the Outback to celebrate, and I will also go see this movie "Hero" everyone says is so great.
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