punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


I am in a sour mood.

1. I have had bad asthma for over 24 hours.
2. Because I have asthma, it's hard to move around, so normally easy physical tasks become almost exhausting.
3. The asthma made last night a fitful sleep.
4. Because of lower oxygen, all my muscles are sore, reflexes are delayed, and stuff I normally could do on "autopilot" (like walk a straight line) I have to concentrate on.
5. My joints are swollen with arthritis. They have been for a week, and I was moderately okay with that on its own, but now on top of the muscle issues, this sucks.
6. I keep hearing odd muted noises, like incomprehensible human speech, bells, horns, and indescribable noises like they are happening several rooms away. This, I think, is a symptom of my exhaustion and lack of oxygen.
7. Thinking hurts.
8. I am sooo tired.
9. All this has led to a huge backlog of housework, which makes me feel worse. I hate it when my house is dirty. I got piles of laundry, dishes, and all that kind of stuff with lots of small "projects" left undone (get the fish tank working again, flatten boxes, steam clean bedroom carpet, and so on)

I wanna go to bed.
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