punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I have had a few minor successes recently.

The first of which is that I was involved directly in a product that our company just released. They won a huge bid from Montgomery County, and there were some issues with the Open Source software that I repaired. So if you are in downtown Silver Spring, and have free working wireless B and G access... you're welcome :) This is the kind of benefits I get in my current job: instant satisfaction of a job well done. I also did a stress test of our new mail system, wrote the diagrams used in the meeting explaining our new load balancing, and have written dozens of scripts that have made everyone's life easier at work.

But enough about me.

I'd also like to welcome a new addition to our extended family: Taboo. Some of you knew about him already, but tonight it's official: Taboo is ours. Taboo (or "Boo" for short) is a slinky, black kitten with yellow eyes, a curious personality, and he loves people. We signed the paperwork at the adoption fair on Friday, but Taboo is not our only success:

Peaches and Jumper got adopted!! Yes, to the same guy, too. A man who recently got his own house, he wanted two kittens to share the space with him. I am glad brother and sister got adopted together. So long, guys, it was great fostering you! We still have Tony and Harley, but probably not for long. They go to another adoption fair on Sunday, and people have already fallen in love with Tony. We have been told we raise kittens well, and out of all of the kittens there, they were the most friendly.
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