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I am... crazy cat lady

God(dess)... so much to tell!

So, Elspeth turns 75. Actually, she became 75 in June, but her birthday party was this Saturday. It was a good party, on some huge Haven Campground somewhere between Winchester and the West VA border. I didn't enjoy myself as much as I would have liked because I had a sinus headache, really bad asthma, and my back hurt. Our friend thedreamymoon followed us up, through our bad driving and dust clouds. When we got there, ritual was about to begin, and I got some horrible migraines right into it. The headaches subsided shortly, and I spent part of the afternoon near a relaxing pond. Then I was spent most of the day with CR, talking about deep subjects. I wandered around a bit, watched some people and a dog fool around a lake, and as evening set in, we had dinner, and listed to some big band music. I got to see a lovely photo album of Elspeth which, as many of us younger folk said, made us feel quite young. Born in 1930. Wow. She never seemed that old to me, but more eternal. Another "eternal" friend was there, a man by the name of Mark Drexler, who I listened to when Mark, thedreamymoon, CR, and I spent time under "Camp Punkie," a place I set under some pine trees. I got to know more about Mark, and while none of it surprised me, I find we're bumping hips more and more these days in the world of fandom. I got a lot of Wiccan vibe that evening, which was nice. I wish I wasn't so damn crabby.

By the time we got home, my back and chest hurt so much from the asthma, I just took yet another puff of the old inhaler, and fell asleep before SNL even started. I woke up a lot at night, with odd nightmares, but nothing serious or foretelling. Taboo likes to sleep with us, but NOT near our heads. He wants to sleep by our legs and feet, which has gotten him kicked and crushed a few times. I was annoyed because I wanted to stretch out by back and chest, and he would be there, and think my leg... or worse, parts above my leg ...were monsters out to get him, and so he'd attack. Luckily, he plays well, and never uses full claws or bites very hard. Still, I fear a major injury is in his near future.

I woke up at 5, 6:15, 8:15, 9:00... then 10:10. Then takayla and CR had to drop off our remaining two fosters, Tony and Harley, off to the Adoption Fair. While they were there, they met an interesting Siamese named Latte. Latte had been returned in just 24 hours because, according his new owner, she was "loud." Yeah, I rolled my eyes, too. But it turns out that this guy said, "I have HAD Siamese before, and this one is LOUD! And I live in an apartment, and I can't keep her because the neighbors complained!" Hmmm. Must have been loud, then.

I got my new Total Trolley the other day, and so while they were gone, I took it out, and was bummed there was assembly. It was really minor assembly, mind you (attach casters... that's it), but my back hurt. CR and takayla came back, with Starbucks, and that picked me up right away. I had enough energy to finish the Trolley, and I must say, it looks really nice. Very sturdy.

Then cheesy_reads came by, with Chance and stodgyspike. They came to pick up CR, who will travel with them to the Poconos. They will be stopping off at cheesy_reads's sisters for the night, and then continue to northern PA to drop Chance off at her spy camp. CR will provide companionship for cheesy_reads and stodgyspike on the way back. Chance will be gone for two weeks at camp, and then another week at a family friend's house before returning home.

At 3, takayla and I went to pick the kittens up. Nobody (and they had many kittens) got adopted today. And Latte was an unexpected return, so they had no place for her, and couldn't find a foster parent at the last moment.

Yeah. She came home with us. If anything, to hear this "yowl" that the former owner kept going on about. If she totally drives us nuts, we return her Friday anyway where someone else can put up with a vocal cat. Of course, this was before I came home and found the guest room infected with the entire cast of "Them." Fuck. Ants everywhere. CR did not clean the cat box or the trash like I asked him to, left the kitchen a wet mess, so I had to spray, spray, spray and I think I am going to have to bomb the place on top of that. I was pissed. I still AM pissed! Of course, Tony and Harley can't stay there now, so they are upstairs with us.

We have seven cats living with us. Three kittens (Taboo, Harley, and Tony), two neurotic female Siamese (Thisby and Latte), Cosmo, and Storm. Oh, and Ahfu and Widget. Dear God, you can't imagine the chaos. I hope to be down to four again by the end of next weekend. I love cats man, but... damn.

As I speak, Taboo and Harley are running around like tiny, noisy buffalo.
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