punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Hundreds, thousands, millions and billions and trillions of cats...

I am tired. Kitties jumpin' on mah head.

I ate dinner late, and thus didn't get to sleep until maybe 2. Kittens everywhere. They were quiet for the most part, and Latte has yet to show more meow power if we're going to be impressed. The kittens all wanted to sleep on me, specifically my legs, except for Tony who thought slamming his head into my lips would be a good idea at 3:13am. Tony slept on my stomach a a lot, which made me miss Artoo (he always wanted to sleep there, and I kept tossing him off), so I cried a little.

I think I got maybe 2-3 hours of vastly interrupted sleep. Mostly because when I turned over, kittens were sleeping around my legs, and some deep instinct told me not to kick or crush them. Eventually, I got over that and the attitude they should learn not to sleep there took over, so I pushed them (albeit gently) off the bed with my foot. Some hit the floor with a sound like they didn't land on their feet; like the sound a small bag of potatoes makes if dropped on the carpet. But they came right back, often within seconds like that was something normal for them. I just remembered that the four kittens used to sleep in the guest room bathroom sink, so that probably DID happen a few times when they got too big for four of them to sleep together: "OUT, Peaches!" [kathump] "No, YOU, fathead!" [kathumble] "Get your FOOT out of my EYE, Tony!" [skitter skitter... thud]

God, Latte has an ugly face. I am not a fan of the cheese-wedge head in cats (why the hell did someone take this perfectly cute strain of Siamese, and make this the new standard?), and while Latte has a beautiful Siamese coat, her face is so... off kilter with a cat's face, we have joked we need to put a little paper bag over her head. She has pretty blue eyes, but they are so deep in her head, she has a lot of exposed socket rim. She's also slightly cross-eyed, and her pupils glow a faint red in low light like those Norwegian rats. She also has the worst breath and cat box odor of any cat I have ever known. When Latte uses the litter box, it has a smell like she's been eating sardines in really pungent and vinegary pickle juice. Her breath smells the same, which leads me to believe she's not been eating so well. I hope she gets better with the Iams stock we normally feed the cats. At least she's friendly and real calm. She's meowed some, but if I hadn't known of the complaint beforehand, I would have thought she was quiet for a Siamese. We're just waiting for some huge caterwaul or something to erupt. The theory that has been suggested ( by "somebody") is since Latte came from some lady who had 21 cats (what is it with Siamese overbreeding?), Latte was not used to be alone in a house, and flipped out. Now that she's with cats, she feels normal? Maybe, but she hisses at everything that moves. She doesn't attack, but softly hisses, and growls as a sort of soft warning if anything. It's not very serious, and pretty damn good for an adult cat in a new environment. Thank God, she's nice because... wow... when she went inside the haunted house, she came out with an application.

Hopefully, Latte, Tony, and Harley will get adopted next weekend.

Anyone ever read this book as a kid? It's all coming back to me...
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