punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

January 11, 1900

Well, we made it! The Y2K bugs were stomped out for the most part, and all those paranoid programmers who bought all those MRE's and fled for the hills are now looking like bearded fools. But you know, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I spent New Years with my good friend from forever, Jason, who will soon be Dr. Jason. Both of us started out in classes, studying to be
astrophysicists, and he succeeded. In addition, he has learned rock climbing, cactus and lightning photography, and now the banjo. He played the banjo and gave us a tour of the stars later in the evening. Also with us was our newer friend, Sara, the aspiring actress. Both our guests, my family, my cats, and the new dog watched Peter Jennings lose it and Dick Clark in Spanish drop the ball. They really should have let Peter go to bed, really. And why Dick Clark in Spanish? The audio feeds on that station were messed up on our cable system, so we got the Spanish translation track instead.

Then the next week brought EveCon. You know, an odd thing happened at the con. I felt tired the whole con. I couldn't for the life of me
figure out why. I had this panic fear that I was coming down with the Death Flu that has been going around, but so far I have as yet to have a sniffle. Then it hit me Monday. I was relaxing. My life has become so busy as of late, I have literally forgotten what it is like to relax. Last time I felt this way was in Cancun about five years ago. It's not that my life is stressful, it's just going so fast these days. I felt this con had snuck up on me. At work, I am so busy, that if I don't keep tabs, I end up staying late. Not that they force me to, I am just not paying attention to the clock anymore. Oddly, I don't feel bad about this because I genuinely feel I am doing something and progressing somewhere. But in this speed, I forgot how fast I was going, and thus became tired when I was resting. But even the con zipped by. There was this packing Thursday, a blur, and then being thanked and applauded Sunday.

But great things happened. Christine sold a lot of art, and I may have gained a new illustrator and may have a server to finally rest on. More on this as it happens.

And it gets faster. There's Katsucon coming up the rise, and man... that is going to be a real huge thing. Right after that is Imaginecon (if they ever get back to me!)... a beach trip, then CastleCon...
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