punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

January 25

Wow, I finally made it. My own domain. Well, Brad is still trying to fix Silverdragon, but he also is working 60 hours plus a week, and despite my attempts to hijack his Civil War coat and a dragon mask, he still wouldn't budge. I even bribed him with a new dumb terminal! No dice. :) But months ago, Akai Ryu, a long-time friend who used to run the computer room for FanTek conventions until he was recaptured by the
Common Sense spirit, told me that he was resetting a Linux server from an NT one and could possibly host my site. I already had purchased the
domains of punkadyne.com and punkwalrus.com, but had nowhere to put them. That's changed now. I have a new home, and no steekin' banners,
neither! So my home is now on the Chaos Art <http://web.archive.org/web/20001213184000/http://www.chaosart.com/> server.... somewhere in Maryland.

Brad and I are still friends, of course, and he kept apologizing sincerely about the server, which has made his working from home
difficult. So don't go spreading rumors about Brad or we'll sick some dragons on you!
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