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The Hazards of 7 cats

Well, something was bound to go wrong eventually. I expected property damage, but as usual, my skills at foretelling the future is a little too vague to give an accurate target. See, Latte apparently had an upper respiratory infection (no one knew). Which means she gave it to Harley, who gave it to Widget...

... sigh. The vet gave us pills. For a Siamese. Those who never had a Siamese (or a Maine Coon) probably asked, "Okay... so?" See, certain cats not only are more resistant to taking pills than others, but are also a LOT more clever and figuring out ways NOT to take the pills. Dim-witted cats (like the late Artoo and Oreo) are EASY to give pills, because they never remember the sounds of the foil pouch/bottle/whatever, and always respond to the forced entry and "blow in face" technique. Smart cats not only somehow KNOW pills are coming (and hide), but a Siamese is very slinky, has slippery fur, a crocodile-hinged jaw, and they know how to fake, "Yeah... I swallowed it," only to hide it between their cheeks to spit it out later. Blow in their face once, shame on me. Blow on their face twice, shame on them. They remember. Sadly, they are not smart enough to know the pills will make them feel better. So we called the vet, and they prescribed a liquid. The pills will go to Harley and Widget (we have to split them in half... it's funny that Widget is actually lighter than a kitten, and takes kitten doses).

The 7 cat thing is NOT working out as planned. It was okay when the kitties were in the guest room, but now having them all together has caused a lot of problems. One of them being a political "marking" issue which will end immediately. It's easy to see how a household with a lot of cats starts to fall apart. It's one thing to have pets, but it's another to have so many you forget their names. Now we have to sort them not by whose cat is whose, but by who has the URI. A long time ago, my friend Kate's mom (who raised Pekingese for show) would have between 5-13 dogs, depending on who was in or out (for show, stud, being bred, and so on), and how many puppies they had. She had a system of about 6-8 hour rotations of who was let out for what, because some of the dogs didn't get along (notably most of the females hated each other), and then they all went back into their crates at night. I think I'll have to think of a similar system for the cats for the time being.
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