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I am sick today. Bleah. I have a stuffy head, runny nose, clogged ears, achy skin, and tummy problems. I have been fighting this cold since Thursday, but lost. Luckily I can work from home.

Good news on the vet front: The URI is not terribly infectious. In fact, it can't be given to dogs, so Widget is okay for the most part. The only cats that currently have URIs are Latte and Harley, who are being separated into the bathroom currently, much to Latte's dismay. She's still not that loud, IMHO. Certainly within the normal range of a cat, and for a Siamese, almost sub-average. Tony is louder than she is, and he's a normal Tabby.

Oh, and here's the last photos I will have of Peaches and Jumper [sniff]. have a good time in your new home, guys.
Happy Adoption, Peaches and Jumper! Happy Adoption, Peaches and Jumper!

On August 5th, 2005, Peaches and Jumper found a new home to a gentleman who bought his first house. Peaches licked and licked and licked him. Jumper fell asleep in his arms. I will miss these two, but I am happy knowing they will have found a good home. Thank you, guys! I love you!

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