punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Shredding like Ollie North...

I was sick and bleah and urgh so I decided to do something I hated anyway, which was go through mounds of old paperwork, and shred stuff I didn't need anymore. I try and do that every year, but it had been a while, and then my shredder died, and so I had to get a new one. I got a $100 shredder that shreds up to 10 pieces of paper at a time, cards, and whole CDs! This has sped up thr process considerably, but it does run hot. So far, I have taken about 3 copier boxes of paperwork and reduced it to one box and three bags of cross-cut shredded fluff. Highlights so far:

- Remember Bell Atlantic?
- stodgycat sure sent me a lot of postcards when he was in Europe and Japan. I saved most of them because they are teh fun-nay. The German Beer Gut one is still my favorite, because the USPS randomly put a sticker with barcodes on them over their midsections, making it look like they are being censored. Also a good one: a Japanese postcard of London's parlament building (Big Ben, et. al.) that is labeled "Tokyo Tower."
- Wow. I was once worth over $100k in stock. [sobs] Okay, I sold most of it, but I am worth so much less than that now. Like 3% or less of my portfolio at peak, last I checked.
- Some bills do yellow with age quicker than others (like Amex statements). A few turned brown and brittle (old Sprint LDC bills).
- Sometimes you can tell my frame of mind in the various strata of paperwork. During bad periods, often bills are tossed in their envelopes with all the junk mail still in them. Other times, you see only the relavent stuff, like the credit card spending summaries neatly refolded, and arranged by month.
- Due to a Mortgage FUBAR, the loan company changed our mortgage at the last second, like at the signing table. Instead of one loan, they split our loan into some 80/20 thing, with the 20 being really small monthly payments, but ended in some huge balloon payment after 15 years. We almost backed out of the deal because of this (the mortgage rep was conspiciously absent for the signing). We went ahead anyway, with a resolve to sort it all out later. During the year we "sorted it out," both loans were bought and sold to new companies about 4 times. When we did the refinancing to a lower rate, we consolidated it into one loan, which we stuck with (Amex PPH). So in a little over a year, I had to make mortgage payments to 9 different banks, all of which I have to keep records of for 7 years to prove we "paid them off."
- According to a piece of scrap paper, takayla and anyarm met around late October/Early November, 2002. There's anyarm's name spelled out, an e-mail address, a phone number, and dates she's off. In purple gel pen. Yep.
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