punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sick Day: part 2

I was still pretty sick last night, and then I had to do another Mail Server failover from 11pm - 2am. I think my fever is gone, but my head is all clogged. I stayed home from work again, which I hate because I can't get as much done at home as I can at work.

Right now, Latte is out and about. She didn't like being cooped up much, and went a little nuts. Now she's having periods where she just meows over and over again in rapid fire, some pauses, and then starts up again. She doesn't like doors much, and she seems to be looking for someone. We found out the other day that she's not only from a rescue with 20 cats, but she's been paired with her brother all this time (2 years), and so I can imagine this whole debacle has been especially traumatic for her. I bet she's looking for her brother, like some foreign weepy film about a war. How sad. The foster coordinator said after this weekend, they will put her in "the ranch" to reunite with her brother.

Taboo is finally warming up to me (before he was kind of aloof). He slept with me most of yesterday and this morning. Yay. :)
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