punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Yesterday was too much.

So, I am tired, but I got to work. It was early morning, so it wasn't too hot out, but when I got to work, I was exhausted. I nearly fell asleep several times at my desk. I drank coffee, had Chinese food... I felt better.

Getting home nearly killed me. From my office to the Silver Spring Metro is about a block downhill. Normally, not a bad thing. But the air was thick and choking with smog. The pollen counts have been high for grass all week, but with the smog, it was worse. On top of that, I have to pass by a major bus hub, so my face got blasted with the hot, smog-charged air of Silver Spring's huge busses. Then the escalator was broke, so I had to walk up the escalator (the elevator was also broke), and my asthma was in full swing.

Did I mention my inhaler was empty? Yeah, nice thing to find out when I needed it over the weekend. My refill was waiting for me at the pharmacy.

So I get on the train, gasping and wheezing, but trying to hide it so a bunch of strangers don't keep saying, "Are you okay?" and then report I am a terrorist. Finally, I get off at Metro Center to get on the Orange line and...

... the fucking train has no AC. It was like a goddamn sweat lodge. It got even worse when we went above ground, and the sun heated us to a temperature that was barely at a level where consciousness could be maintained. I must have passed out once or twice. I became nauseous and dizzy. Finally, we stopped at the end of the line, and I got off to sweltering heat waving off the outside train platform that was almost like a blast of cool air compared to the train. It picked me up enough to get to... another broken escalator. The line for the elevator was about 10 minutes long. I didn't think I had 10 minute of consciousness left in me. So I trudged up the escalator and made it through the turnstile, my vision turning orange and brown with spots. My face felt tingly, my fingers were going numb, and I barely made it to the car where I spent moments in a "time warp" that I don't remember very well, but the car had AC, so I lived another day.

My asthma nearly killed me. My chest still aches like I have a rubber band around my rib cage. Luckily, or unluckily, I get to stay home today because the AC guy is here, and swearing at our AC. This does not look good.
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