punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Metro Weirdness

The weirdness ray must have been turned on today.

Half of Metro Center's lights were out. They had brought in those construction spotlights and that helped, but half of Metro center's upper deck looked like a FPS like "Half Life" or something. Heh.

Part of the Red Line was down. Luckily not the side I was taking (it was a few stations on the Shady Grove side), and Metro traffic was a LOT less because of this. I got to sit on every train.

Then two passengers started fighting on the Red Line:
GuyinSuit: [To GuyinUntuckedShirt] Hey, buddy... you're not allowed to have that [points to Starbucks coffee in cup].
GuyinUntuckedShirt: It says "No eating and drinking!" Those are verbs, look up the word "verb" sometime. I am not eating, I am not drinking. I have a drink. Those are nouns. NOUNS!
GuyinSuit: [changes seat to be closer to other guy] No, seriously, you could get fined for that--
GuyinUntuckedShirt: NOOUNNNS!!!
GuyinSuit: [clueless the other guy is a little unhinged] No, really. They fine you like $100, and that could ruin anyone's day.
GuyinUntuckedShirt: What are you, the police? I got stopped by the Metro cops, I said NOUNS! You guys... [nervous laughter]... you guys have NO IDEA OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

At this point, I put my headphones on and tried not to get involved, even though it was in the seat in front of me.

I also noticed, in the desperate attempt to think of something else other than these two guys arguing over the structure of English language, that "For Lease" sounds and awful lot like Fur Elise, a famous piece by Beethoven. But I was unable to think of some funny pun or joke to illustrate that.

"Beethoven Office Complex: Some buildings Fur Elise"

Nah. I still like my older pun, "For cheap tent dwellings, look up 'Low Rents of Arabia' in your local Yellow Pages."
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