punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

One more down...

Harley got adopted today! Yay! Tony came back, and he's the last cat of our original litter. We still have Latte as well, but we have 2-3 offers for her, so she'll probably go away Sunday. And if not, well... she's pretty unobtrusive.

I spent some time and cleaned out, scrubbed, and refilled the fish tank. I have no fish, and probably won't have fish for a while. Some of you may recall that over a year ago, in the midst of everything else going wrong, all the fish in my fish tank up and died. We never really found out why, but after we cleaned out the dead fish, we just let the tank sit there and evaporate. When I started draining the rest of the water, I estimate there was only 1/5th of a tank of water left. The water was murky with mineral deposits on everything. Well, I took everything out, drained the water, cleaned everything but the gravel (how do you clean gravel?) and then refilled it, and it sits now, filter running, with new water. I am going to let it sit that way until the water stabilizes. I put in some water conditioner, an anti-fingicide, algae preventitive, and some dechlorinator. Later I will run some tests on it, and make sure the pH is sane. After a while of that, we're going to try and put a fish back in. If it dies, well... fuck. But if not, we'll keep adding new fish until we have a steady tank again.
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