punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Orkin, you're fired

So, a bunch of people heard about my ant problem, and suggested Terro, all with rave reviews. I got some bait traps at Lowes the other day, and so far, the claims made about the bait traps are true: the ants are swarming it. Or, rather, they were about 24 hours ago. In the same pattern many told me, "They'll swam it for 1-2 days, then you won't see them for months," I set the bait out about 24 hours ago and within hours, they were all over it in HUGE numbers. Now... not so much. I looked at the chemical ingredients, and was delighted to see it was mostly "Borax," which is a well-know bug-killer much safer than, say, DDT or something. I was delighted because I couldn't find Borax around anymore (it used to be a common laundry additive). Another bonus was I got to see the ant trail, and now know where they are coming in from. No one seems to agree on how the borax works on bugs, but there theories are that it dehydrates them, seals up their digestive system, or clogs their breathing areas.

Got to keep it away from pets and kids, though.

To top it off, Orkin came by today. Now, when I started out four years ago, Orkin was okay, and the staff seemed knowledgeable and helpful. Two years ago, that began to change as more and more of the staff kept changing, and each new wave of Orkin guys said the old wave was wrong. Then the English speaking abilities of the employees started to go bad. It used to be 2-3 guys would come, ask questions, spray, and leave the invoice. Some didn't speak English, but at least one in the group would. Now it's like one guy. Finally, I stopped having them in my house. At first they came on the day the billing statement said. Then within a few days. Now, it's any time they want, which is about 1-2 months. They don't even announce their presence anymore, and I only know they are here because the dogs go nuts, or we come back from someplace and there's an invoice in a little baggie on our door. This time, I caught the guy before he left, and not only did he have trouble with English and understanding what I was asking him... he was stinkin' drunk. I mean, these guys normally smell like bug spray, I mean, duh, but this guy definitely smelled like vodka; a kind of sweet pungent aroma I recognize from my mother's alcoholism. He was also weaving around, and his eyelids were drooping and then shooting open like he was constantly being startled. His truck was parked half in the street, half up on our curb. He didn't spray where I asked him to, and he left shortly after I spoke with him. There's a baggie on my door. [sigh]

The true reason of my disgust with them is the ants started coming back two years ago, and this year it's really bad. We also have a growing spider problem, probably because there are so many ants to eat.

I sent them a letter a few months ago, and got no response. I am canceling our service with them on Monday. This is just too much.
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