punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wicked idea

Okay, once in a while, someone posts this link, a link to some almost Amish-approach to feminine swimwear. I kind of fear the same troubles that happened to similar swimwear the bathing beauties used to endure in the early 1900s: watterlogged, non-hydrodynamic, and might cause drowning. I can only imagine some poor youth subjected to wearing this in a public place where even the preteens have bikinis, and getting laughed at because of the choices her prudish parents made, who probably also made their son wear goggles, noseplugs, rubber shoes, and a bathing cap. I can picture this girl in a locker room, strutting around while dry, making noises like the sound on makes while unrolling a parachute, and when wet, they constantly dribble water even 5 minutes after leaving the pool like an oversized sponge in the rain.

But I think some people go a little over the top with making fun of this swimwear, and they get angry about it. Don't get angry. I have long realized the true beauty that these kinds of swimwear can provide, and it came to me at GenCon last year, at the Utilikilt booth:

Have men wear them.

I mean, look at them. They are almost wetsuits. Wetsuits with a kilt. The same type of manly guys who wear kilts can get these, and while they might have to stretch out some space around the midsection... ahem... I think we could have a cool fad of new wave surfers with their skirts, lined with BodyGlove logos, flapping behind them at the Globe WCT Fiji Pro. It would be tre cool.


In the incomprehensible manner in which the typical scratchy, wooly, and totally unsexy looks of a typical schoolgirl uniform are used in sex media... we could incorporate these as well.

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