punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tony's been adopted!

Yes, now we're down to one foster cat, Latte, the 2-year old meezer.

Tony went with a family today, and so now we're down to 5 cats in the house. We're going to miss Tony on one hand, because he was such the loving cat. But he was a little obnoxious, slightly destructive, and already making moves to be the dominant tom, and I didn't care for that, because I think the honor has been earned by Cosmo. But Cosmo burnt his tongue somehow, so he's out of sorts, and Tony was taking advantage of that. So, this makes the last kitten we adopted out of our home. It was great to have them, and next year, we're going to do it all over again. It's definitely rewarding.

Latte is really settling in; she loves us. I didn't intend to adopt Latte, but the pressure to take her in is enormous. She's all being cute, even with the face that would sink a thousand ships. She's friendly, but not overly so. She's dignified, yet slightly playful. I just wish her and Taboo stopped sleeping in between and around my legs. What is it with my legs? All the cats wanted there, even though for the last week, I stopped caring and pushed them around with my feet. But Latte wants to BE with people. She's a great cat. But no one wants her. I think it's her face. Wedge-shaped, slightly cross-eyed, and her pupils glow red at the slightest reflection, which is kind of unsettling. I have never been one for surface over character, so I quickly got used to it, but maybe others don't want an "older cat" who "looks like cross between a cat and gardening spade."

But FIVE cats? Ugh... that's a lot. True, three of them are not very social. Cosmo is scared of large crowds, Storm is scared of anyone who isn't us, and Thisby is scared of everything. We found Latte LOVES crowds, and Taboo is okay with them. And in a house this size, 5 cats doesn't show. But that's five times the vet bills, food, and cat sand. And, of course, the dander and smell. No one in this house is allergic to dander, but we have some guests who are.
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