punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

In conclusion...

I still have no idea what happened at Union Station. I suspect nothing, and I just picked up too many unrelated clues and ran with it. Maybe there was a tour or game or something to account for all those people, and maybe that announcement was just some guy reading his interpretation of a "be aware and vigilant" script. After all, he did mumble... even if it was urgent-sounding.

The "bomb" in front of our building was a briefcase filled with socks. I am not kidding. Order has been restored, but it was exciting for a while. I got to see men in thick bomb suits, police, bomb squad trucks, and a robot. I wish my camera took better pictures, but the one I posted was the best of the bunch.

For those who suggested how to take care of my ants, and the Terro seems to be working. This morning there were maybe 2-3 sluggish ants left, and the trap is still half-full of the sugar/borax mixture. I have still seen a few ants elsewhere, but the population has been severely reduced. I am going to set up more permanent places for these traps now.

And takayla and chrisraven seem determined on keeping Latte.

I have a mofo of a headache right now, and I suspect it's sinuses. The asthma index for weed pollen and mold are in the "moderate" range. Bleah.
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