punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tony Boomerang

Tony at Adoption FaireTony's coming back.

Now, I like Tony, but I am PISSED that I have to take him back. Not at Tony of course, but those nice people who adopted him who seemed to be all right and everything? Sigh... they said they can't have him because they "discovered they had to pay a pet deposit" for their apartment, and they had to lock him in a cage at night, because he was up playing loudly.

Okay, wait. Stop the music. Everyone stop dancing for a second, the deejay has removed his headphones and the dance floor has parted, and everyone in the club is staring at you. You locked a kitten in a cage because he was up playing at night? And didn't the part where you are interviewed for the adoption, were you not asked, "do you live in a place that allows pets?"

Game. Over.

Tony's coming back Sunday, and we have to pick him up. I feel VERY badly about him being locked up in a cage every night. Man, he was so social, he's used to being with cats and kittens of all kinds, allowed to sleep with people, is put in a home where he's separated from social interaction... [sad, long sigh...]

You twits. Out into the street. Don't grace this floor again.
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