punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So I finally saw "Willy Wonka."

My thoughts on this movie...

I liked it, although this comment got stares from my family, who thought that anything but loving it to the point of adding it to a top 10 was further proof I need to be put into a home with 24 hour nursing care. I'd give it a B on my movie scale. I tried very hard not to compare it to the book and the previous film with Gene Wilder, but I failed.

Stuff I Liked
- It was closer to the book, always a bonus.
- It had many "laugh out loud" moments.
- It do NOT take itself seriously. If it did, it would have received a much lower score.
- The scenery was awesome.
- Willy Wonka illustrated a lot of Aspinger's Syndrome, synonymous with geniuses on his level.
- In the book, Mike Teevee was really into shoot'em-up "Cowboys vs. the Indians" films. Updating him to a violent video game junkie worked well.
- Sorry, Violet Beauregard kicks ass. Great opening scene. Her mother's a creep... I wonder if that's a result of too many face lifts?
- The "competitive nature" between Veruca and Violet was well done. I grew up with spoiled girls in my community, it's really that bad. "Let's be freinds!"
- The musical score was awesome, but it's Danny Elfman, how can you go wrong?
- The jungle scene with the Oompa Loompas was a nice touch. Gave you a better idea WHY they were so grateful to be slaves and... well, essentially guinea pigs to new candy.
- Also, WHY he did the golden ticket was better. The silver hair. Nice.
- The Puppet Hospital and Burn Unit, a "recent addition." Fun-NAY.

Stuff that Ruined the Shine
- On the times I succeeded removing myself from the POV of the book and older film made the newer one look roughly edited, and sort of meandered with no real story.
- The whole father/dentist thing. It was not in either the book or the older film, and it made everything awkward. It was like someone tried to add a sappy point to the film, not realizing the whole point to the story is bad things happen to bad people (one of Roald Dahl's philosophies in writing for children: they like seeing bad things happen to people who deserve them).
- The Oompa Loompa musical numbers were great, but you couldn't hear the lyrics 80% of the time, which made you go, "HUH?" until you realized they were telling a moral story in there.
- Parents seemed less concerned in this film when horrible things happened to their kids. That made it a little unrealistic. It was like, "My daughter's a blueberry, oh my." Maybe parents are supposed to sympathize with this, like, "Yeah, that kid had it coming to them," but the first film had a little more hysteria when Mrs. Gloop thought her kid would be boiled alive in the Fudge Making room.
- I think Augustus Gloop was part if not mostly CGI animation, which was REAL obvious in the beginning.
- When squirrels (I can picture Veruca's accent now saying "SKWER-el") swarded Violet... that was shockingly creepy.
- And I said this for the last movie, and I'll say it again, why do they add a disturbing psychotic edge to Mr. Wonka? In the book, I felt he was a slightly crazy old coot. Film makers think he's one stabbing away from a serial killer. I can also see the comparisons to Michael Jackson people are talking about, especially at the end when they talk about family.
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