punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

How Tarot Works

This is an exerpt from a letter I sent last year to someone who was freaked out about his reading. Well, it did come true, but that's another story (and probably private). This explains tarot as I see it (when I do a reading):

Picture a circle. Put a dot in the center. Draw a straight line from the dot in the center to the edge of the circle, making a radius. Now make a second line at an exact 90 degree angle to it, making an "L" that points to the right. At the end of that line, put an arrowhead, indicating that your life always goes in that direction (the right direction, meaning the correct direction, nothing to do with republicans or the "moral majority."). Now, when you move the radius around the circle, the L points to a different area, correct? Think about that. Now imagine the circle in moving to the right while you are doing that. The arrow goes up and down as you move the radius, sometimes it points backwards, but the circle (time) always moves the direction forward. Now draw a random squiggle that eventually goes to the right. That's the new path the circle will follow.

You control the radius. Life around you controls the circle, and the path it takes is your destiny.

Now, when I do a tarot reading, I have taken a snapshot of this process. At that moment, I am showing you where the arrowhead is pointing. I know nothing of the path or circle, but I can make some pretty educated guesses. At that point. That's what a tarot reader does, like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, I can tell you the exact position in your life, or the direction, but never at the same time. How he or she does this depends on how they learned, I use psychology, random guesses, and some spiritual guidance.

You have control over what happens. You always do, because the future, while pointing to your destiny, does not have to arrive there in a pre-determined way.
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