punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tony's new home: Take 2

I am happy to say that while Tony was returned Sunday, someone else snatched him up. This is good for two reasons: one, I don't have to take back Tony, a male cat in his "I want to vy for top TOM position" part of his mental growth period, and two, this means Lost Dogs and Cats Rescue gets paid for him twice, which goes to pay for the vet bills and food at the ranch.

takayla got a bed for Latte, which she now sleeps in most of her sleeping time.

She also got a fish, two of those "10 for $1" feeder goldfish," one of which died before he got home. If you recall in a previous entry, I got the tank back in working order last weekend. I de-chlorinated, de-ammonia-ized, and cleared out the tank. Last I checked, pH was 7 (neutral). The tank should be fine, but I think a feeder fish is a poor test, because they are not bred to live long anyway. Although, and Bruce can back me up on this, some live anyway, and in order NOT to be eaten, they grow to pond size rather quickly. I got two of Bruce's old feeders years ago, and one was over 6 inches long and terrorizing the 8 inch plestacomas that were supposed to eat it. The one that lived yesterday was only half an inch long, and looks like a dark yellow minnow. In a 35 gal tank, he looks real small all alone there. I wish Christine bought fish food, too.
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