punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Strange Tea

Very few of you know I run a comedy group called "Strange Tea." The reason you have never heard of it is because we haven't really had a performance since the mid 90's, after what I call "The Bat Lady Disaster."

The Goth Puppet Sketch didn't help, either.

As bad as we were, we had a good time. A lot of us were former Prune Bran members, and we did skits for Castlecon and Evecon as well as host several Rocky Horror. When Video started popping up on the Internet, I thought about filming a few sketches with some friends, and putting up an "episode" of Strange Tea on the web. Then I didn't do anything about it. These days, my life is busy enough without having to worry about filming crap. But when I saw that Almost Live! was having a reunion... I kind of wished I had followed my desire to film skits.

I have two I am rather proud of. One is called "The Cruel Skit," which may or may not be inspired by the breakup of other comedy groups, and the second was I wanted to do an updated "Security Blanket."

I was going to link to some of these... but my website seems to be down. Hmmm...
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