punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

All I want is a room somewhere....

My stomach feels a little better, but I am really sleepy. Oh, look at the clock. It's almost 1am. No wonder. I was up until midnight out cavorting around with snobby rich people. Okay, I wasn't speaking with them, but in their presence at Wolftrap Theater. I wouldn't say Wolftrap was 100% snobs, not even 50%, but buddy, I felt like I was right back in McLean. The irony was I was there with my family (including Debbie) watching "My Fair Lady." The irony was the part of the the play during races where everyone wears the rich fashion of the day instead of paying attention to the race horses... and I could see that happening in real time around me. I saw a few teens in their evening finery, and thought, "I used to go to SCHOOL with these people. I knew their parents. The faces are different, but the roles stay the same."

The play was wonderful. The actress playing Eliza had great vocal range, and even though her cockney was a little off, it was easily forgiven by her focused acting and singing. Some of the dance numbers were awesome as well. Kudos to the choreographer.

Side note: Neal got me hooked on musicals. Something I will always thank him for. "My Fair Lady" was the "gateway drug" for my taste in musicals back in 6th grade. Then I was in theater camp, and after "The Fantastiks," "Grease," and "Chorus Line..." it was all over for Uncle Punkie's machismo. Neal I also have to thank for every Oscar and Hammerstein I know, plus "Damn Yankees." But he's not all bad, he also got me hooked on The Beatles, The Mammas and the Pappas, and Simon and Garfunkel.

Well, back to present day. Because of my stomach, I hadn't eaten all day, and when we were driving home, we stopped at McD's, and I looked forward to a good night's sleep. I didn't sleep well last night with all the bathroom trips. Even if I don't get more than 6 hours sleep, I have the weekend to...

... oh CRAP! TCEP! I have to ... you know, wash clothes and pack and stuff. Luckily, I am doing NOTHING. Not a thing. No panels, no talks, readings, or anything. Hmmm... readings. Maybe I'll bring my tarot deck. But aside from that, I going to hang out and socialize. And sleep. I wonder if I can relax. I doubt it. Even CR was getting antsy and wondering where he could volunteer. I am sure Tad or Craig will find something for him. But I have to think about the here and now, and I have NOTHING to wear. Not that I plan to dress up, but I don't have clean underwear, I need to find my swimsuit, and a small suitcase. I'll be up until at least 3. I could have planned this better, you know.

Debbie will stay home with the dogs and cats. We're returning Sunday, even though the party goes through Monday.

So this is probably my last entry before TCEP, unless work is dull. Hope to see a few of you there.
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