punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

TCEP - Day 2

It's almost 11am on a Saturday morning in Laurel. I have a good view outside my window of a lot of trees and a huge UPS hub (as in delivery center, not some computer gadget). I also have free Internet access in my hotel room.

Yesterday was busy. I didn't go to Dulles after all, and we got most of the stuff fixed and viewable by the network when it was all over. The biggest success was getting the backup mail system working again, so now we don't have to worry if the primary goes out. takayla came by around 5:30, and we headed out to Laurel in our rented Genere-Ford. She filled up on gas because there were rumors that gas stations would close at 4pm, which totally flies up in my face about the predcition it wouldn't be as bad as the 1970s. But it was a false alarm. Sadly, upon arriving at Laruel, the lines had already started. Just the rumors might actually become a self-fulfilling prophesy as people start to hoard. Sigh...

So we get to the hotel, and it looks like they were still in the process of building it. In fact, according to grayhawkfh, the Best Western had been told last week that they were bought out by Holiday Inn, and they had until the 30th to convert the hotel. Half the hotel is literally being gutted, drywalled, or waiting for either of those things to happen. The pool is empty, and surrounded by hotel rooms with no doors or windows. Only two of the elevators work, and even they are down to the bare steel frame to make way for all the construction equipment.

TCEP itself is in two fucntion rooms at a wing of the hotel that almost seems forgotten. Sadly, the function rooms themselves are not next to each other. When I first went down the hallway (which was crowded with buffet tables), I saw signs that said, "The Matrix," "Barking Mad Productions," "The Church of Zion," and "Barking Mad Productions" again. The BMP are TCEP, and I assumed the other two were part of a Matrix-style LARP. I was only half right. The Matrix is actually another gaming event not related to TCEP in any way. And the Church of Zion is not the Zion from The Matrix, it's actually ... the religious group.

This should be interesting.

I spent some time socializing. I met a lot of people (whom I won't link to their journal because I am tired of typing), like Lije, Bryon, Steve Moyer, Greyhawk, Mouse, Brigit, Frank Jr, Tad, Tynie, Creon, Dave, Sallie, Tony, Craig Trader (who, for the first time EVER, I was informed was cyandesigner's brother... I am so behind in the game), Gorm, Becky, Steve Brinich, Conmom and her husband, and a few more people of whom I know I know, but forgotten their names. Oh, and remember that SCA coworker I mentioned? Yeah. Him too. Cripes, I will never keep my fan life and work life separate at this rate. And there's only like 50 people here so far. The only expect 100 or so, but are not sure because they made a last minute ad burst.

At least I don't hear so much about Katrina. I am sick of all the paranoia this is generating. Jesus, people, pull yourself together. Katrina was terrible, it showed a lot of things that need improving, it's going to make things expensive, but if I hear one more cry out how doomed we all are... I am going to punch someone in the mouth. Even if we are doomed, spending our "last days" whining about it like a soap opera queen won't solve anything. Either get your Internet-addicted ass out of the office chair and Ikea desk and away from the web to DO something about it, or shut the hell up. Guess what, it's affecting ALL of us, not just YOU, and spouting out paranoia doesn't help a damn thing. I was sick of you people after 9/11, and I am sick of you now. And I am looking your direction, bloggerspace. Gah, we're going to have to redefine "speculation" after all this is over. I gave to the Red Cross. I did something. There's nothing more I can do at the moment but try to get on with my life, being light on gas and spending, and being heavier on the good cheer. Maybe some of you could do the same, eh?
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