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More on TCEP

So it's the afternoon of day 2. The weather outisde is really nice. I have been sleeping a lot, though.

The latex paint and drywall combo permiating the hotel is giving me a headache. I was wondering why my migraines were off their usual pattern, and after spending more time sleeping, I realized the metallic taste in my mouth wasn't just the migraines, but chemicals in the air. If there's any consolation, I think if TCEP is here next time, the hotel will be fucking gorgeous.

Not to gush about my friends, but I like tth a lot. He really gives a damn about his employees. I spent some time with him, and felt bad I hadn't really spent a whole lot of time on MSD-related stuff. He said, as always, not to worry about it. He wants me to go to Gen Con with him NEXT year, and be a panelist (I kicked ass last year as a panelist for him). He didn't say this today, he said it a few weeks ago, but my stomach actually jumped for a second like an anime school girl, "REE-LY? Kawaiii!"

I don't like games, some gamers make me cringe, but I am at a gaming con, my books is sold by a gaming company, and I am excited about Gencon... again. Jesus, the irony of that is so thick, it has magnetic properties.

I bought "animals on a stick" from "the merchant's room," which was just one guy and a table. When the annnouncement was made the merchant's room was closing, they added, "He'll be back tomorrow..." Heh. I love small cons.

I am taking pictures. I forgot my digital camera, as always, but I took crappy photos with my cell phone!

Some UFO-style blurry photos...
Game Demo Legos Closeup Gamers

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