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Well, everything manifested itself into a cold. CR and takayla have it, too. Last night I pretty much went from work to bed and then asleep by 10:30. I started taking some echinacea, in hopes that it will make the cold shorter, along with a stock of Tylenol so I can get through the work day. I have also been sleeping with a heating pad, so this has made things a little better. Taboo REALLY likes the heating pad. So does Latte, but Taboo seems to need it more; he seems to have difficulty staying warm. I left it on the "low" setting for them, just like I did for Artoo.

In today's news, some people are starting to balk about how this administration touted itself as being the "safe government," the ones who were to protect us from terror and now they can't even protect us from a common natural disaster. To those people I say a big fat DUH!!! Jesus, I am gullible, easily lied to, and have spent much of my life under a lot of illusions, but even I knew that the whole Bush administration is a bunch of bumbling lying idiots. I still can't wrap my head around the 51% who voted for him. Do you not see Bush stumble over his words? That silly, smarmy grin he has like even HE can't believe he's getting away with all this? My friend Nancy has this button, "Democracy is where the minority gets what the majority deserves." That's just how I feel right now. Folks, these are rich, spoiled frat boys running critical services. They shouldn't be telling you what to do, you should be telling THEM! They aren't just asleep at the wheel, they have abandoned the captain's post altogether, and are partying drunks in the Fiesta lounge while the ship is adrift. When you ask about all the rocks we're hitting, you'll either get a, "We're aware, it'sh h-okay..." or just a "WOOOOO!!!" The whole war in Iraq is just a fraternity prank on a rival college to them, and while they have lost interest or focus on why we're still there, they have been forcing the plebes to keep at it.

People: Sir? Sir? The City of New Orleans is under water, and people are rioting.
Bush: Whaa...? No. Don't be a -hic- don't be a down-dwoner, man...
People: We need help. You dissolved FEMA and--
Bush: We b-beat SADDAM! Hahahaha! Dude, he is SO busted!
People: Come on... please? Do something!
Bush: Alright alright alright alright alright... alright. What? [farts, giggles]
People: PLEASE!
Bush: Okay. Wait... okay. [to party] Guys? Hey, keep it down, n-no, thish is serbi.. serbibu.. SER-EE-US... serious. There. This is serious, the City of Louisiana--
People: City of New Orleans!
Bush: Right, whatever. The City of New Yorklee is... ah... flooded, you said?
People: Come ON!
Bush: Right, right... letsh... lets tell everyone... it's all cool. Coooool... [looks at hands] that's a gr-great word... coooool....
People: GAAAH!!!
Bush: Okay, okay... gees, you women are such whiners. We'll send some guards, and... hey, wait, doesn't the Red Cross cure hurricanes? Do they know? 'Cause if they know, we won't have so send nobody...
People: Tell us it will be safe. Please, reassure us you will fix this...
Bush: WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I am so glad he's gone in 2008. Or earlier, should we impeach him.
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