punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Naked Kitty!

All my cats are indoor cats. With my two new cats, Latte and Taboo, I have them wearing collars. The reasons are different, since none of my other cats have collars. Latte came with a plain collar with a tag that says she's from Lost Dogs and Cats Rescue, which I kept because I had no intention of keeping her. Taboo needed a collar with a bell because he's black, likes to crawl under sheets and sleep there, and I needed to know where he was in the dark. Widget has a collar, and I like that we can hear him when he jumps off the bed because he needs to go out and go pee.

But I got used to Latte wearing a collar. She's more than a cat, she's a lady, you understand. So when I decided I'd keep her, I got her a cheap collar with rhinestones, because that seemed to suit her. But the collar has a crappy buckle and falls off constantly, and twice today, she's gotten "the kitty crazies," and I think she's taking off her collar because it's naked time!!!

I swear, she does look naked without a collar. It's alarming. Kind of like having a drunken duchess wandering around the castle, and the butler has to chase her around, like, "M'Lday... M'Lady! You MUST put something on... someone will SEE you...!"
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