punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I hate September

So, let's see how my September has gone so far? I got real sick, and now my new cell phone just died. Seventeen more days to go.

Yes, my cell phone up and died for no reason. It was on my hip last night, and started beeping like crazy. So I looked at it, and noticed there was no clock on the front screen. I tried restarting the phone, taking out the battery, resetting it, and everything. The screen lights up both inside and outside, but it has no pictures or text. I knew something was wrong with it at TCEP (see my LJ Pictures to see how my camera quality varied), and then it would randomly beep every so often. Last night I guess it just gave up. Lucky for me, I was paying the $4.99 for replacement insurance. The deductible is $50, but that's cheaper than the $400 for a new phone. Supposedly they overnight you the new phone, too. I'll let you know how that goes.

On top of this, I am still sick, too. Not so much feverish, but severe weakness, and mucus issues in my sinuses and chest which point to a possible bacterial infection. I am trying to take care of myself, but that means the housework, which already WAY behind, is backing up even further, which makes me feel lousy enough as it is. Thank goodness CR has taken up the slack with doing chores. Jesus, why cant I just get a normal cold like other people? The years of bacterial infections, from the five cases of pneumonia to the dozen or so cases of strep, have weakened my immunity to the point where it seems like "a common cold" is just a gateway to lower my immune system long enough to catch another bacteria-of-the-month. Please, God, can I get better?

Our dishwasher, you know, the new one I got earlier this year? Still broken. It broke a month after we got it, took months to find the warrantee, then get a Sears repair guy out. Then he said that the computer was busted and he had to order new parts. That took a while, and then he came by to say they didn't order ALL the parts, so we got the second part in, and now he's coming by again Thursday to install the new computer. Thankfully, this is under warrantee, so all it costs us is time and excess water because we're washing by hand. But it's aggravating as all hell. And I suspect, because I am a pessimist, that the "computer" will die again six months after the fix. Just a hunch. I got a Kenmore because of my experience with previous reliability, but now I am considering that to be dumb. And I will have paid $500 for cabinet filler. See, this is why I hate computerized shit that doesn't need it... if the computer goes down, the appliance is useless. I had a car (Chevy Cavalier) do the same thing. The computer died, and the fuel injection was run by said computer... $600 repair. If you recall, I didn't want this model, but they "upsold me" a better model because the lower-class one I wanted, without a computer, was back-ordered, and wouldn't be in for 6-8 weeks, and I was sick of washing dishes by hand. They took $50 off the cost of it, bringing it only $20 over the cost of the model I wanted in the first place, so I went, "Okay..." Augh. I feel so stupid.
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