punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wake me if the bomb demolition team starts running away

So, I left early. I wanted to get sleep, right?

I left at 1pm, and I really shouldn't have, we had like 3-4 customer issues hanging out there, but my boss said while he appreciated me coming in after being paged so much, he said I was becoming useless because I kept spacing out. I mean, he meant that in a good way. One other hosting guy was out sick, leaving the last hosting guy alone. He said he'd be okay, but I know he's been chomping generic Nyquil gelcaps. My boss blames himself for making everyone sick, but I blame TCEP.

The edge of Ophelia hangs in the air, leaving hot, humid tropic air everywhere. The walk to the Metro I almost passed out, and the Red line didn't have AC. Neither did Metro Center. It was so humid at MC, there was a thin haze that you could see drifting in the tunnels. Luckily, the Orange Line had AC, and I felt better by the time I got a cab. I got home around 2:30.

Then my legs just cramped. CR came home from school, rubbed my feet, and I almost fell asleep... and then the phone rang. Wrong number, and why do people yell at YOU when THEY get a wrong number? Damn, man. He was pissed, and somehow expected me to tell him the RIGHT number for some name I couldn't make out. I hung up, he didn't call back.

Then some asshat with a 2 million megawatt boom speaker parked in the alley behind my house and stayed there for like 23 minutes, playing Rap and two songs from the group Prodigy. After he left I think I got about 45 minutes of sleep.

Then I got paged. I didn't have to answer the pages, really, but I got paged until about 6:30. Once when the system went down, once when it came back up, and another to tell me the system rebooted. Three systems were rebooted in all, there must have been a software update or power problem.

Then takayla came home, and here I am.

I am soooo tired, man, you have no idea. I hope I don't get paged tonight. At least I was awake for another database page. These are all minor things, too, thank the Gods, not like "OMFG, KUSTOMRZ G0T NO M41L!!1!oneone," it's just you have to pay attention to every page.

It could be worse. Much worse:
- Worse (NSFW loud video link - extreme cringe-worthy violence)
- Much worse (even worse than the first one, same type of clips)

[NB: I did end up getting 8 hours sleep that night, no pages... YAY!]
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