punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Punkie's SETI, back online

I have been working on and off to upgrade my SETI array this summer, and after some trials with last year's kernels, I have determined that Windows actually runs the best results (boooo!), but since I don't have a bunch of Windows licenses, I'll have to make do with Linux. I chose a simple Slackware-based distro for most of them, a new one called "Pocket Linux," although I am going to keep my Gentoo ones Gentoo, and perhaps recompile the kernels and SETI binaries of the others to be more optimized.

My systems

Currently, all but two are online. "Mei" is having booting issues and may be dead because she freezes upon startup at the BIOS level. The other, "Belldandy," hasn't been set up yet, and I think if Mei is actually dead, I can use parts that still work to upgrade Belldandy. Yes, yes, named after anime characters. I thought of renaming them "seti01, seti02, etc..." but that was so boring, and if I give them each a name, I can quickly recall something like, "Sayako, Toshiuki, Pikachu, and Megumi are all PIII/800mhz systems with 128mb RAM." Boy, though, are they putting out a lot of heat. I got a new power strip with hardcore fuse protection, because I don't want to burn down my house should one catch fire. If one goes, they ALL do in the guest room. I'll provide photos a little later. hard to believe it, but I have been doing SETI since May of 1999: over FIVE years!

If you'd like to join my team, please feel free to do so.
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