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What a weekend...

It's been a good weekend, all in all. I can't even remember what I did Friday, although I want to say we have a brand new, fully-functional dishwasher, and I don't mean CR, either, although this should help him a lot. Been a while. Like since... MAY.

Saturday's big day was ironkite and aurienne's wedding, of course. The invitation came by way of bulsi at our Luau party way back in August. They were chocolate bars, with a "Wonka-esque" font, that had a "golden ticket." We brought our tickets with us, but sadly, we followed the directions to the event via the instructions that came with it that were horribly wrong. So we got lost. REAL lost. We wanted to be early, because I was told I had a "part" of some kind, which would be explained to me when we got there.

This is just a side note, not directed at anyone, but something I will pass along as a good event tip: when given instructions to a place, even one provided by the establishment you plan to hold the event at (like a hotel, church, or someone's house), make sure the directions are accurate by taking the trip yourself. This way, you can find out if there are any confusing directions (like "take the ABC Street exit 123" may seem great, until you get to the exit and you have two choices, ABC St. West and ABC St. East), new construction, detours, and missed stoplights. I used to be friends with a guy who was notorious for giving directions so wrong (confusing left with right, omitting turns, misnaming streets, etc.), that we still speak of him today, some 13 years later (especially ex-Prunes, who I know just whispered his name while reading this). I have known many a con where someone ended up in a dead-end alley *cough*BaltimoreBusStation*cough* because the hotel never checked their own directions, and the convention never checked them, either. Then there's the famous, "I meant take the third left AFTER the gas station..."

That aside, we got to see ALL of 895 and 695 around Baltimore, several pretty bridges, and a lot of downtown Baltimore that I would describe as "colorful," and leave it at that, only to find out that the event was 2 miles away from where takayla works, anyway. Sadly, this made us late for the wedding, but at least we got to see them do their vows and the entire reception, which are the important parts, anyway. I was so happy to see them. I was so happy I could make it. I won't give an entire play-by play, so here are some highlights:

- The "Guest Book" was a huge contract Ala "Willy Wonka," with a lot of silly things on it. Etcetera et-CETERA! Then the handbill was equally as well-written humorously, especially the titles they gave everyone, all in their non-serious pompitude and buffoonery. Well written. Etcetera et-CETERA!

- Because takayla chose a table, it quickly became "the cool table" at the wedding. She always goes, "I don't know why..." and I'm like, "because you're COOL! I flippin' MARRIED YOU because you were cool!!! DUUHH!" After 16 years, you'd think she'd figure this out, and know it wasn't a sham because small kids an animals also gravitate towards her. I guess the truly cool, by definition, will never know it. But anyway, I try and bask in the glow, and hope my shadow of "not-as-cool" doesn't blot out the Sun of Cool.

- There were nekkid statues. Plaster, made from casts that were sadly thrown away. Sadly, because apparently, years of hosting parties at MICA have damaged the statues quite a bit, and you can see a lot of repair jobs as well as just missing pieces. The area was so gorgeous, I can't even begin to describe this hall, which was built in 1826. Very old-world artsy. Very classy. Apparently their Halloween Ball is incredible.

- aurienne is master of eBay fu, and I must learn from her. She got her shoes, plates, cups, and other assorted decor, even her wedding dress (a simple, yet elegant and timeless 1950s wedding gown), from eBay. She went on and on about how much money she saved versus renting something not nearly as nice. Go aurienne. You rule.

- I gave a toast to the bride and groom, stating that I trusted my son under the groom's care for a whole weekend, and I considered him trustworthy. I didn't mention, "And he'll make a great dad," because I forgot if they wanted to have kids or not, and so many of my friends now have decided not to, and get pressured something awful by parental units, I didn't want to bring it up. Ironkite later said I almost made him cry, he was so touched. I should have also added what weirdos they all were, but held because because there were mundanes present, and you never know how that's going to go.

Then we declined an invitation to see muppets, and we went home. thedreamymoon followed us. We then hung out with anyarm and fuzzywhuze until the wee hours, playing Taboo and Crokinole.

Sunday brought more fascinating things. The Heare family, sans stogycat, came over and hung out. cheezy_reads helped dye ninjacooter's hair. I took the kids out to take a walk. Then the Heares left, and the rest of us went out and saw "The Corpse Bride," which was kind of a disappointment. It was Burton/Elfman-ish, but it was like the phoned in the first half, with odd musical numbers in awkward places, and then the rest of the film smoothed out, but I wasn't as happy with this film as I would have liked.

We stopped off at Wegman's, a great food store, dropped off ninjacooter at the Metro, and then went home.
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