punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

On weekends, ghosts, and Pocky Rocky

The weekend couldn't have come soon enough.

I did get some sleep last night. I crashed in the guest room, and got maybe 8 hours of sleep in a 10 hour period. It was interrupted by noise, leg cramps, and the lights kept coming back on.

Poltergeist activity has definitely been on the rise in our house, although for the most part it's been benign. The guest room seems to be the focus for a lot of activity, although I am not sure if it's more noticeable because no one goes there when we don't have guests. But at least I was there last night to witness some of the tomfoolery first hand. I kept wondering who turned the lights on and off, and apparently, it's a ghost, because while I was sleeping (or trying to sleep), the lights would come back on. I know it's not an electric problem, because the switch would be in the up position when I went to turn it off, or the down position when I wanted it to stay on (we also have a broken doorbell that rings... even though the button is broken, and it has no batteries). And the glass shower door in the bathroom kept opening, and that sucker is hard to open on its own because it's held shut with the magnet from hell. Then something kept putting random books on the bed, and I'd roll over in the night, and there'd be a book or two there. They don't have any theme to their subjects, so I doubt it's some hint.

I was on the guest room computer at about 11pm, when suddenly it got real cold, and the entry light in from of the bathroom turned on again. Maybe I am jaded, but I wasn't afraid at all. I said to the air, "Look, I know you're just bored, but I'm trying to get some sleep, and if you leave me alone, I'll let you stay if you don't make too much of a mess and stop teasing my cats."

See, Storm is being tormented by something. She's never been quite stable to begin with, but while I was up late these last few nights, and she's been about... she's been following something that goes into walls. I can't see what it is, but she'll stare at the wall for some time before she becomes bored, and then always returns to the pots and pans drawer, where she'll stare at the door there for hours with the look on her face I often see on hard-core video gamers. Maybe we have mice living in the walls, but I don't hear anything, see mouse droppings, or find dead mice in front of the bedroom door. I mean, woe betide any mice who decide to enter my house. I mean, seriously, I got 5 cats. Two are known mousers. Not a lot of loose food around. This house is not mouse-friendly.

All activity ceased after I spoke to it, although I woke up to the light in the kitchen being on again. Like I said, I don't feel this presence of malevolence, just like some spirit is bored or something. Nothing is being broken, tossed at me, no cuts, no "GEEETTT OOUUTTTT" and if it stays that way, I feel what's the harm?

I know I'm not crazy because fuzzywhuze saw our hallway ghost the other weekend. Apparently the form was interested in our pantry. Frequent visitors to our home know of these things, and it's kind of cool now. Before, I was real uptight, because I have been haunted "in a bad way" before. But now I'm like, "Okay... as long as it doesn't hurt people..."

In other news, I am going to have to spend a lot of tonight cleaning. There's a Katsucon meeting Saturday, and I want my house to look somewhat acceptable. The great thing about a Katsucon meeting at my house is that I can still get other stuff done while the meeting is going on, as long as it's quiet. I don't do as much for Katsucon as I used to. I mean, I still do Opening Ceremonies, but since different people are running Cosplay this year, I don't know if they want to do another "Whose Katsu." If so, this year I am going to attempt a rehearsal. I know it's a long shot; half my players I never even see before the actual performance. That's why last year there were 8 people, because usually I ask for 8 to get 4 to show up. This year, all of them did. That was a mess. The whole improv thing quickly fell apart as I lost control, and I blame myself for that, not my players. I have some different strategies this year that might help out, and rehearsal, even if it's just to show up at my house for a few hours to explain the games (we had two games where the actors didn't know them), and get some semblance of order... that's a good start. But as I learned in Prune Bran, getting all your actors together for the same day is like herding cats. Someone ALWAYS can't make it for some reason, and someone ALWAYS flakes and never explains themselves.

You know what I'd like to do at Katsucon, though, although I doubt it would get approved? Rocky Horror. I mean, come on, half the people at anime cons are dressed a the opposite sex, anyway. And what a great idea to expand RHPS to a new generation! But I can just imagine some mom complaining her preteen daughter heard the word "fucking neck" six times in less than a minute, and now has to explain the "Toucha-toucha-touch me" scene with the voice from Coco LaBouche in "Rugrats Go to Paris."
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