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We had a Katsu meeting at our house yesterday. I got to see Christian, whom I hadn't seen in a while, so that was good. Saw Paul, Keith, Alex, and a lot of faves. I miss those guys. I got my minimal business done today, and I think it's official - NO WHOSE KATSU THIS YEAR.

I am not upset about this, because both sides had come to the same conclusion: we need something different. Different people are doing cosplay this year, and we were thinking a band during half time might be a good idea, and I agree. "Whose Katsu" had replaced "Team Bozak" a long, long, time ago, and we've been doing it since Gopher had it, since Pocky had it, and so on... time for a change. But I was asked, "If the band back out/flakes, you can whip up improv, can't you?" Well, I don't know, but I love a challenge! :-D

So, this gives me time to focus on other things. I will be doing the Opening Ceremonies and AMV Awards, of course. And I want to look snazzy. Last year, I had the busted foot, so I will do my best NOT to get hurt at Shmoocon this year. But I want to look nice. I got the shoes :-D. I am also thinking of having one of my costume friends make me a special tux. I don't know if I can afford it, and by the time I do, I don't know if I have a costumer friend who can make it in a scant 2 months. I may have to rent this time around.

After the meeting, where I corrupted a whole BUNCH of people by showing them this cartoon (work safe, but loud, insane, and fitting for some situations at work), takayla, CR, and I sat around and looked at each other, then ate dinner, and then we went to the Heare household to watch their kids until 3am.

I like their kids, I know I have said that before, but they are cool. Chance stayed up with us until 3am, and helped us take care of Spike by... pretty much taking care of Spike. Spike's at that age where he cries if strangers get too close to him. He hasn't connected us with food yet. :)
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