punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Blah Thursday

Bleah, bleariness. I need sunlight.

Luckily, some is coming this weekend. Which reminds me, another busy weekend is coming up. We leave early Saturday to go to the Renn Fest where we'll stay until the mid afternoon. I plan on seeing some of my merchants/friends, probably stocking up on honey, and maybe for once in my life, paying for one of those massages. I have been going to the 'Fest since 1987, and never got a massage at that area. But we have to leave early, because afterwards we go to a friend's party, and his parties usually last until like 1am or later (or at least, the "cool" people stay that late).

Busy weekend. I'll be asleep the rest, I assume.

So, we started shopping at Wegman's the other day. Because takayla is changing our diet, we're relying more on fruits and veggies, and Giant isn't cutting it lately. Half their stuff rots too quickly, or it's so under ripe, you have to wait, and then it rots quickly. For example, their bananas: green, green, green, green, green, yellow, black.... fuck! And I didn't want to eat 8 bananas in one day during the yellow stage. The prices as Wegman's are a little more, but they make up for it in a fresher variety. That place is great; it has fresh sushi, exotic foods, and caters more to the healthier cook than Safeway or Giant (and certainly more than SFW or Food Lion).

The new cats are doing well. We still don't "officially" own Latte, but they seem to have forgotten about her. She fell through the cracks because technically she was already adopted, but then returned the next day. I don't know if the guy asked for a refund on the adoption fee, he just sort of dumped Latte on the cat department and left. She's never been on the web site. They probably don't even have her paperwork or shot records anymore. I still have her tag: cat #630. She's great, yet still a bit ugly, which I guess reinforces the "she's got a great personality" stereotype of blind dates. Taboo is running around like older kittens do. Starting to compete for the male slot with Cosmo. They have already had some mild fights. Taboo and Latte play a lot. Latte plays as much as Taboo, and they run around crazy at night. Cosmo doesn't play much anymore, Storm is just weird, and Thisby hides under the bed all the time. Yeah, it's like takayla predicted: we only have 2 cats, with 3 "guest appearances" by minor reoccurring character cats from time to time. "This week's episode: Taboo and the Plant. Cosmo guest stars as 'older cat who wanted the plant first.'"
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