punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Commuter woes

In the "What the hell" department, I get to work late again today because something was wrong with the Metro. I still don't know what.

When I left Vienna, I noticed there was a lot less people than normal. Like only 30% of the normal volume of people were boarding. Even as we got to Rosslyn, a lot less people were on the train than normal. It was Federal Holiday levels. I was thinking, "What's going on? Is it a holiday? What do these people know that I don't?"

Then the train stopped at Faragut West. Why? I'll tell you what they said over the announcements: wagga wug train wuagga mumbo jumba blue line mugga wugga train tracks mumba wumba Smithsonian wubba wubba Metro Center mungo blue line wubba wunga Faragut North wubba regret the inconvenience wug wug blue line going in the direction of junga wumba wumba wumba wumba blue line.

And that's a collection of the words I could hear, as echoed by a bored woman, speaking into a shoddy mike, with serious reverb and feedback echoes in the various stations. It was worse than listening to Sean speak poorly translated Dutch. So I have no idea. Nothing's in the WMATA Metro alerts.

I doubt the two are related, because even though there were significant delays and I got to work 30 minutes late, there were no piles of people backed up up at other platforms or other trains. Usually when this stuff happens, the platforms are packed, trains are crammed, people are angry, and it's miserable. Today, it just seemed like a whiole lot of people stayed home.

I actually wondered if there was a Terror Alert.
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