punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Women in Sci Fi art

I was browsing some sci fi themed wallpapers today, and it hit me: why are women portrayed the way they are in sci fi?

There really only seem to be: sexy and naive and sexy and armed. You'd think all the future holds for these poor girls is a lot of aerobics, skimpy diets, skin-tight armor, and fighting all the time. Even the brainy seem to be one hair toss and eyeglass removal away from bimbohood. "I am the scientist's daughter Riannah, and my daddy was killed for his research, and I want revenge!" [pout, sound of gun cocking]. I suspect it's because a lot of artists are males, and this is how they see women in the future: just like they see them now. Mysterious creatures. Threatening. Don't think rationally, and go from giggly to violent without warning. Many artists objectify them as if they weren't even human. This bores me.

If I had artistic skills, I'd portray women in the future as I do now: humans going about their business.

I picture a scene from a cafe overlooking some vast futuristic city, where two figures, an alien and a teen girl, are eating at a small, uneven table, laughing to the point of snorting. The alien has just told a baudy joke, and the girl, pear-shaped and bespectacled, is laughing with wide eyes, covering her mouth at shock and surprise at her alien friend. "Maltar 4, you are a so BAD!" she seems to be saying. Another girl, tall, skinny, and with a flat chest is annoyed nearby. She is speaking on some communication device, and having trouble hearing the other caller over the noise. She is wearing a cotton dress that does not fit her frame very well, and a pair of broken flip flops. Her face is long, and covered with freckles. In the background, several women in business suits are counting heads to see how large a table they need. All of them look different, yet none of them are wearing a metal bikini, nor do any of them have a phallic weapon.

I put it as a challenge to all my artist friends to start portraying real women in the future of sci fi. Yes, there will always be bimbos with guns, I am sure; we have them in the present, usually at gun shows. Why not show the variety of women that exist in current reality in science fiction? I am no art major, but I have always liked the various "life scenes" as portrayed by master artists throughout time, way back to the Egyptians, who decorated tombs with scenes from real life. Norman Rockwell captured human scenes with almost photographic clarity, but armed with a hint of cartoon-like exaggeration; portraying emotions in his scenes that painted characters, not just people. Sci fi seems to be sorely lacking in this department.

What I want answered is how will we be the same in 3005? How will technology have changed us? That takes artistic vision.
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