punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sleep once again eludes me

I don't think I am ever meant to get to bed early on Sundays, which sucks, because then my sleep rhythm is off all week.

This night, I aaaalmost went to sleep, when a huge CRASH sounded from the kitchen. Upon investigation, someone had left the cupboard open, and an unknown cat crawled up into it and knocked a lot of cups out, including some glassware which sadly broke upon impact with the floor. Nothing irreplaceable, but I always hate when glass breaks on the floor because you can sweep and sweep, and still some shard ends up in your foot.

While I wait for that shard, I'll tell you how the rest of my weekend went.

Saturday saw the welcome return of our usual weekend gang, anyarm and fuzzywhuze with the addition of fuzzywhuze's fun sister, who was in town from the west coast. I had seen pictures of her, of course, and knew her at once at the party on Friday. She only stayed a little while, before another local friend took her out to some nightclub.

Sunday was an early morning trip to our favorite bulk warehouse, BJ's, where we spent way too much money to the point I was shocked the card cleared. None of it frivolous; we had been lacking in some supplies, and it makes sense to buy some things in bulk because they are FAR cheaper that way, but when they hit all at once... aye yi yi... At least we got a replacement crock pot and a smoke detector to replace the one in our bedroom that died.

After that, we sat the Heare kids for about 5 hours. The highlight was taking care of stodgyspike, who acted like a typical baby, and showed me just how much I had forgotten about taking care of babies. I mean, it's been 15 years! Spike was not an abnormally fussy baby, but most of our energy was spent keeping him from being upset, which was met with mixed success until we realized far too late in the game that he wanted rice cereal. Thanks also to his big sister Chance for helping us out.
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