punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

MAD Magazine... the usual gang of idiots have left the building...

I think it's finally official - Mad Magazine has died, lost its spirit, and some shambling, Nickelodeon-based writing staff has taken over the corpse. The guts that printed the cover of issue #166 flicking off the reader are nothing but withered memories.

I got the current issue, and in addition to ads (which they added last year), they went full-color, and then I saw an ad for "Mad Jr." Not to mention it hasn't really been funny or counter-culture in a while. Gone is the wit, and in its place is the 12-year old gross-out jokes and a bunch of college marketing dropouts spurting out, "Don't'cha hate it when..."

I tried to be supportive, and I tried to deal with the Time Warner => Nickelodeon => DC Comic ownership thing, but after Bill Gaines died... it's just fluff. MTV fluff. I tried to convince myself it's just me, getting older, but no, I have a copy of the entire artwork since the first issue, and it's not the same. Culture hasn't changed that much, it should be ridiculed even more, but it reminds me of those "Dynamite Magazines" we got in the Scholastic Book Club back in elementary school (although, "Dynamite's Funny book of the Sad Facts of Life" I still have somewhere, because I still think half of it was true).

"MAD Kids Debuts Nov. 15th!" shouted the ads. "MAD's new magazine for younger kids has spoofs of Wallace and Gromit and Lemony Snicket, plus ALL-NEW Spy vs. Spy Jr., video games, posters, a flip book, puzzles, cartoons and MORE!"

[the sound of "taps" playing]
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