punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

On today's menu: weird soup.

Today is one of those "little black book" days where weird things just seem to pop up all over.

First, traffic was delayed on the Toll Road due to four cars that crashed into one another in a straight row. It was weird. One car was even up on top of the hood of another car, but all in one neat, compact row. I meant to take a picture, but once we got past the resulting traffic jam, we were late for work and speeding to become part of the solution, not the problem.

Then I got to work and our doors stopped working. We have badged doors to get in and out of the data center, and the one next to my desk has been having cumulatively worse problems staying shut. If the door doesn't close properly, after 15 seconds, an alarm sounds over the entire floor; the same alarm we have for attempted break ins and the like. So we had this guy, reminds me of the old whiskered janitor guy you saw in a lot of cartoons in the 60s and 70s, who had been working on it. Because he has been working on it, the doors have been deactivated from time to time, and I was unable to leave to go to the bathroom for an hour this morning. Sadly, since it's the door next to my desk, they guy kept asking, "Hey... can you badge this to open it?" Now they have another guy, and apparently the magnetic lock on the door has pulled from the door for some reason.

So when I finally COULD go to the bathroom, I was slightly unnerved to see blood on the floor in the stall I was using. Not a lot of it, but a few large, splattered drops were on the floor like the kind you get if you deeply cut your finger. The drops were probably a few hours old, because while they were still mostly red, they were already starting to dry into brown rings. Blecch.

I went to lunch at the new Subway's, and was delighted to see only one person ahead of me. This delight turned to general feeling of bummnation when this single woman was placing 3 orders for three different people, all had special yet vague requirements ("They said peppers, I don't know what kind"), and they all had to be paid for separately. Now here's the twist: all had to be paid separately by cash. Think about that for a moment. One with a $20 bill, one with 2 fivers, and one with a fiver and a coupon. The amounts don't matter, but the fact that she and her cohorts couldn't do one big order and separate the change just floors me.

There was tiny hail (or large sleet) at my workplace for about 5 minutes. It was bouncing off our windows. There wasn't very much, but now we're under a frost warning. "COOL HIGH PRESSURE WILL BUILD INTO THE REGION TONIGHT. WITH MOSTLY CLEAR SKIES EXPECTED...OVERNIGHT LOW TEMPERATURES SHOULD FALL INTO THE LOWER TO MID 30S," says the National Weather Service (motto: "OUR CAPS LOCK HAS BEEN STUCK SINCE !(&*"), "A FROST ADVISORY MEANS THAT FROST IS POSSIBLE. SENSITIVE OUTDOOR PLANTS MAY BE KILLED IF LEFT UNCOVERED." Better get those gardenias inside, grandma.
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