punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Saturday... working working working...

This sucks.

I have to babysit all the backups for work. Otherwise, it will be a lot of work further on down the road for me, and I am sick of this damn project taking up all my time. At least I am developing some critical programming skills to patch up the huge problems I am having.

I did get to get out of the house sometime today.

We spent some time with anyarm and fuzzywhuze. First, we went to the Chantilly High School Craft fair... which sucked. I could break down the vendors like this:

- 70% Right out of some craft book: no originality at all
- 20% Resellers (water filtration, Mary Kay, Party Lite, etc...)
- 10% Original crafts, half of which were... [grimace] a little rough around the edges... like a woman ironed on decals to athletic socks, and sold them as "sock banks" you could store money in.

At least it was only $3 admission. I guess I am spoiled, knowing real talented original crafters like dreamtigress, Lori, Betty, Larry, Kathy and so on.

Then we went to Starbuck's, drank coffee, and then stopped off at Old Navy because anyarm had to get something, and suddenly... A BARNES AND NOBLE!

A side story: I get gift cards. For my birthday, Christmas, a thank-you gift, and so on. Once in a while, I get one for some place I never visit. I always go to Borders for books I don't buy online, but sometimes I get one for Brentano's, Walden's, and Barnes and Noble... and I never go there. I have had one Barnes and Noble card for... YEARS in my wallet, waiting for a chance to use it.

So I run in and spend my card. I got PHP and MySQL Web Development, because I am a geek.

Then we went back to our house, ate some yummy home-made lasagna, and I worked on the laptop until... well, now. And I have stay up, I assume, until 6am at this rate. No, I am not kidding. I am trying to stay awake by doing a lot of backed-up laundry.

This sucks.
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