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Totally Random thoughts

I ran a slew of backups so I could get some sleep. I must have went to bed by 4:45 am or something, but got an hour back because, well, DST and all. But I had to get up again to finish what I had started. Here's some random thoughts I had during this time:

I always wonder about those people in hurricane prone areas. Why don't they save the lumber and plywood they put over their window in some dry location for the next hurricane? Or why don't more people have aluminum shutters or bars they can pull down over their windows like they do on store fronts in urban areas? I would also have a "freshwater tank" in my back yard or basement that I could just fill up when I knew a storm was coming.

I think Ahfu, my Pekingese, is bored most of the time.

"Microsoft Windows is a thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen-bit patch to an eight-bit operating system originally coded for a four-bit microprocessor which was written by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition. " That's not my quote, but I saw that on someone's office door a few years ago at AOL, and always liked it.

What I am giving out this year
I have started to assemble goodie bags for Halloween. Click on picture to see the gallery. I am also going to carve a pumpkin. Boo-rah!

Don't the words "daguerreotype" and "decoupage" sound like Victorian-era insults? Like, "He's the daguerreotype of a complete sod, embroiled in his decoupage from woman to woman..." But no.

One of the tests I use to determine the mental health of a child is to make them say the word "underwear" three times without at least cracking a smile. If they lose, I count them as having at least part of a sense of humor. Same with playing peekaboo. It works on some adults, too. Another test for an adult that I think is valid is to leave one alone in a room with nothing to do for five minutes, but leave a slinky on a table. If they haven't started playing with it during that time, they are not worth knowing.

Why do Hebrew National Beef franks come in units of 5? Why not 8 like everyone else? They should make Kosher buns that also come in units of 5. Why to Pop-tarts come in 3 twin packs? I bet I know why, like Paula Poundstone said, "You eat one foil pack, and that's not enough. You eat half the other pack, and don't want to leave the other one, so you eat that, and that leaves you with one twin pack left, which you might as well eat because it's not enough for next time."

The 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders completely changed product packaging to a pain in the ass I don't feel comfortable complaining about. I also think about it every Halloween. I think about the joke, "On Halloween, go through the supermarket checkout with a bag of apples and a package of razor blades." When I was a teen, my trick-or-treat group got candy bars from a house where some really spazzed-out teens were. Upon investigation of the bars, we found they had a pinhole with a trickle of caramel coming from it. I broke open mine, and found a dark stain. We all threw them out after that. To this day, I wonder about what they did? Was it nothing to make you THINK it was poisoned, did it have a mild effect, like a laxative, or something more sinister? wombat1138 and eeedge, do you remember that? Man, I miss you guys every Halloween, we had a LOT of fun...

I have assessed I have too many things. I have slowly started giving them away or tossing them. I mean, if I die, what the hell is my family going to do with all that crap anyway but the same thing? I might as well get to pick and choose who gets what. I might also set up an eBay account next year. Ahhhh, I say that every year...
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