punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A plea for help for a friend

If any of you are doing ritual tonight, or standard prayers, can you please add my friend Brad? Some of you know him, some of you may not, but Brad's been one of my best friends since the days of Prune Bran, and things aren't going so good for him. In the just last few months, this has happened to him:

- He lost his job, which he hated, but needed the money, and still does not have one.
- He is running real low on money
- Fell on some concrete stairs and broke his front tooth
- His dog died (Bandit, his faithful and loving Saint Bernard)
- He got hit by a car (hit and run, just bruises)
- His father just had a major heart attack
- He's majorly depressed and alone

I feel pretty frustrated and helpless. I worry about him a lot, and Brad's been there for me during the worst times of my life to offer encouragement and good cheer. Brad means a whole lot to me because when he was doing good, he was so generous and wonderful and everything. He's got such a big heart, and now that heart's a little depressed and desperate as he lives alone in his late grandmothers's old house in Silver Spring. I don't want these bad things to keep happening to him. I know part of what he's going through, since my life seemed just as tragic for a while there, and he was just so supportive, and I want to return the favor. yes, yes, this is probably a test of some sort, but I just can't dismiss him as "oh, he'll get out of it," because he was there for me when I was unemployed, had no money, wanted to kill myself, and was under a dark cloud of doom.

Any ex-Prunes may want to get in touch with him at b r a d @ silver dr a g o n _dot_ com.
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