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NaNoWriMo - Out of the gate like a shot

So, yesterday, I had a sinus issue, and stayed home, while worked crashed all around the hosting guys left. Between dealing with the various issues, I started to write.

This is how it went: the story WAS going to be about this sheltered high school kid who ends up at a Christian College, and because he has a foot fetish, falls in love with a barefoot hippie and a slut wearing slingbacks, which leads him twisted and torn, until he gives in to the slut, who is a Satanist, and he ends up killing a bunch of people before being destroyed by his own weapon. A little of both original and overused concepts. It had this modern kind of Elric thing going for it. The problem was that I spent a lot of October mapping out the plot in my head (I thought writing it down would be cheating before Nov 1st), and by the end of October, I was tired of it. I kept worrying about the fetishism thing, because feet are usually kind of ugly, and while playing footsie is nice, I found that watching it down on the Internet grossed me the hell out. Yes, I am such a prude. I was going to make the protagonist a pedophile, but that was TOO much for me to deal with (along with the fear I'd get arrested in some way). Then I couldn't make the whole Satan/Ultimate Weapon thing work which didn't make me go, "Oh... I'm sucking Moorcock!" (ha ha, pun)

So, there I was, in front of the laptop, ready to go. And nothing happened. I didn't panic, because I considered this a big possibility. There's a Kids in the Hall skit where an "author reading" at a book club, the reader has chosen a selection from some author's second work after his best seller, and the writer had writer's block. "Write what you know... write what you know... okaay... I know NOTHING! I AM A FRAUD!!" or something like that. I had to laugh as nothing came to me, as two to three opening lines crashed together into a tangled mess of how to start, "It was graduation, and ... fuck, what's my main character's name?"

So I closed my eyes, and said, "Just write what comes to you..."

I fully expected nothing, and to be looped back to an opening line, but instead, I started to write an opening not about a crazed religious kid or foot fetishism or swords that come to life... but I started to write about three minor characters that interested me as an offshoot of my current "Novel I have only partially written."

And I couldn't stop.

Lord and Lady help me, I could not stop, and a few hours later, I had 5147 words and a single complete chapter. Hol-lee cow. Plus, I know where chapter 2 is going, although I don't know how it's going to end, and that's just fine with me. This does NOT mean I will be done in 10 days, no. I expect several days to get NO writing done at all. I also fear I will get to, say 25,000 words and write myself into a corner... again. IF I complete this, I'd say there is a very likely chance it will just end abruptly, probably at some plot-crippling time.

"... it's over, hand me the gun," she said, wiping the blood from her mouth. She knew she would probably die, but it didn't matter now.

"No, NEVER!"

"We know now what you did, but we can forgive that. We now know what the signs MEAN! Please hand me the GUN!"

"If I have to die, I will take you all with me!!!' and she started to squeeze the trigger when suddenly the most

You know, like that. I apologize in advance if I do this.

Barring that, would anyone like to see my writing as it happens?

Poll #603628 Poll: Peek at my writing

I want to see Punkie's NaNoWriMo entry...

... never.
... only when it's done.
... as it happens, but on a separate site
... as it happens in his journal
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