punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

NaNoWriMo - Still in a good pace

Well. Last night, between keeping the mail server up and doing other tech work, I squeezed out probably another 2900 words, and I say "probably" because I didn't use NaNoWriMo's official online word count thingee, just the word count thing in Outlook (the only "on-the-fly" spell checker I had at work). I found their counter falls short of other counters, so even thought it says I did 2995, I am guessing as low as 2800 "officially."

I have decided to post my progress here, and leave comments open. I welcome ALL comments, good and bad, even if you say "bad things." "This is boring," or "How can she have been born in 1860 and be 12 years old in 1912?" are welcome, especially the latter. I love praise, too, but I hope that all of you make constructive praise AND criticism because even though I can always hide behind the excuse, "Come on man, I have to blaze through 50k words in 30 days, gimme a BREAK!" I need to hear these things as a writer. My writing ego is pretty tough, don't worry about hurting me or thinking I won't like you anymore. If I was scared of corrections and such, I wouldn't have told you guys a damn thing.

There will be mistakes. I say this because some of ya'll put me on this pedestal like I'm so great or something, and I feel dishonest if I encourage that lie. This will be rougher than my normal works, but the reason I am doing this is to "unclog" the clog of my writing because I DO want to be a published author who makes some money on the side besides $20, which is all I made on my only book so far in 2005 (thank you MSD, or I wouldn't have even made that $20). So don't get angry at me, just send me some comments on how you think I could improve myself.

Oh, and yeah... hope you all like goths.
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