punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

To be a Swede for a day

I crossed the 10k mark last night, and probably have about 11k. When Chapter 4 is done, I hope to be halfway to 12k at least, if not more. This is really kind of fun, because this story warps and twists as I write it, and I think, "Ooh, that's good," or "Haha... no, that won't work, but this opens up a new opportunity." Plot? Eh. I am going for bulk, so it's the reverse of a spiritual path: it's about the destination and not the journey. I have totally allowed myself to make mistakes, and not have that inner voice, "Don't you think you should get to the point soon?" No. No, the point will reveal itself or not. After all, what was "the point" in the movie, "Clerks?"

That he shouldn't have been there today. I know. Shut up.

In other news, I got to celebrate being Swedish a little today, as I attended the Drott Lodge's annual Swedish Bazaar in Potomac, Maryland. I paid a lot of money for stuff I didn't need, but reminded me of "home," whatever that is. I got mostly Christmas ornaments (including a new straw goat), but I also got some food, including Swedish cheese and some candy. The affair was very small; TCEP was larger in scale. It was held in one big room that was a reception area for a local church. I had some Swedish food, which did not include lutefisk. They had a small group playing Swedish music, and everyone there was like older than dirt. I'd say 3/4ths of everyone there was retirement age or older. I chatted up with someone who was 87, who gave me his advice on how to remember Finnish surnames. It was a very... cheerful atmosphere. I got very homesick, which is stupid, because I live some 20 minutes away from where I grew up. Oh well. Jag förstår inte mig. Livet är fyllt av överraskningar.
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